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Some bugs/typos  Empty Some bugs/typos

Pisanie by Heon on Sro Mar 09, 2016 10:35 am

Hello, I'll post here every bug/typos I found either in-game or on website.
Note that I am not hating on your grammar or anything like that, Im just trying to help you to make this server as flawless as possible.

Typo: 10:21 Before you will ask for a help, try visit our website for torials which can be helpfull for new players: . Many answers for you questions you can find on our forum, do not forget to check it too.
should be - 10:21 Before you ask for help, try visiting our website for tutorials which can be helpful for new players: . Lots of answers for your questions can be found on our forum, do not forget to check it too.

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