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Pisanie by Admin on Sob Maj 14, 2011 9:37 pm

Server Rules World of Bleach- Anime Story

  1. Names of characters creater by player can't be vulgar(requisition of changing name), can't be similiar to names of administration(requisition of changing name) and can't offend other players in any way(requisition of changing name or account banishment for 7 days).
  2. Player can be using unofficial programs which are supporting the game, but player is obliged to be control character and independently use abilities. If these conditions are not met which means that user won't be controling his character or using his abilities independently. The player which is using unofficial programs which are supporting the game at killing monsters can get 7 days banishemt of account from administration, on the other hand for using them for training character skills(level is not treated as ability) player is at risk of 48h account banishment.
    Using from two or more characters by one player at the same time is prohibited(using means
  3. logging on the character), maladjustment to the prohibition threatens granting 24h banishent on all acounts which are used at the same time by administration.
  4. Using communicator. Spamming and insults on overall channel(default), help channel, Trade channel and on Game-chat channel is forbidden, imprecation in Game-chat channel, Help channel and Trade channel is forbidden aswell and administration can admit warning for the player which is breaking rules. For using channels contrary to their purpose can every time give to the player a warning. Advertising other servers is categorically prohibited maladjustment to the prohibition can grant you deletion of the account and block access to the game. Spamming and false report on channel rule Violations is forbidden(warning)
  5. Writing directly to the administration is not recommended , communicating with administartion should be done with help of channels which are for this purpose. Especially forbidden is asking administration for free items, for unban(warning) and spamming(account banishment for 24h). For any insults towards administration, player can get 72h banishment of account.
  6. Every player is obliged to report every error which happens in game, however failure to meet this obligation will not be punished. If, however, player is using error of the game without reporting it to administration, administration can block acces to the account for the player up to 31 days.
  7. All activities in order to destabilization of server will be absolute punished with blocking acces to the server for the player, and with removing account belonging to the player.
  8. If player lose acces to account because of banishment for the minimum time of 48, three times in a month, administration can block access to the account for the player for 31 days or completely delete.
  9. "Malignant playing" is forbidden on our server, the game is considered as malicious inter alias, as pushing people from trainers, blocking spawns, harassing other players, and other actions aiming at the interfering with other players. For "Malignant playing" administration can admit to player banishment of account for up to 7 days.
  10. Administrator and administration exclusively with the permission of the administrator can block account of the player, which didin't broke the rules, maximally for 24h without giving reasoning. In this time administrator have right to change rules after which he can determine the penalty for the earlier blocked player according to the new rules.

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